Yoga Sound System - Volume 1 - What to expect

Wondering what to expect at Yoga Sound System? Well here are the answers to all those burning questions.


Who is Yoga Sound System for?

Yoga Sound System is really for everyone. Particularly for those of you that have never tried yoga before but always wanted to this is the ideal event for you to enjoy a fun and inviting practice with a social aspect to it. So whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro we would encourage you all to come along. Music is a universal language which brings us together. We are hoping to use this language to break down barriers and build a squad of music and yoga lovers.


What will the class be like?

Remember this class is all about connecting with the music, yourself and having fun. You can expect some slow breathing to start. We will increase the pace as the class starts to flow (but always work at your own pace) and bring you back down to earth for a few minutes of musical bliss to round off the session.


What will the music be like?

Well, don’t expect humming and chanting. We will be playing a selection of soulful house, yoga specific sounds and you may even hear a few sneaky club classics. Let’s just say we might just raise the tempo from warrior one to warrior three.


What should I wear?

Let’s face it, down dog is not fun in skinny jeans. We suggest tights and a T for girls and shorts ( loose fitting - but no mouse outta the house ) and a T for boys. There are bathrooms at the venue but we suggest you come prepared so that we can kick off at 7:00 pm. We will be mingling after so as you cool down you may want to throw on a jumper at the end.


What should I bring?

Apart from an amazing attitude and your yoga gear, there will be space to leave your bags and personal belongings. While we can’t take responsibility for any lost or stolen goods your items will all be in plain sight and we don’t think you will have anything to worry about. Maybe leave the cheeky naggin at home. DON’T FORGET YOUR MAT!


When should I arrive?

The doors will be open from 6:30 pm. We suggest you arrive at 6:45 pm at the latest. Once the class starts we will not be able to let anyone else in, as per the T&C’s of the ticket.


Where the hell am I going?

Yoga Sound System will be held in South Studios. It’s best to ask Uncle Google where to go. You can find a map here.

Street parking is limited, so you could get public transport to the city and walk or to the nearest bus stop.


Will there be food?


Yes, there will be some delish food provided by the team at CoCu - we’ve gone for tasty vegan options which will hopefully suit everyone’s dietary requirements. Unfortunately, we can not take individual orders.

For treats, Laura Arnold from @lauraarnoldeats will be sampling some tasty Açaí bowls.



It’s Friday, I need alcohol! What will there be to drink?

We will be showcasing a refreshingly different Irish natural beverage that is sure to tickle your fancy, we know you will love it ;)


Booze ain’t my bag. What about me?

No probs, there will be a selection of juices and a new herbal relaxation drink to enhance your experience after the yoga practice.


I want to mingle, what’s the deal?

We want people to stick around and have a chat - It’s a Friday evening after all! There will be a short intro to the products and then you can get eating, drinking and mingling will! Say HI to a stranger ( I dare ya ;) ), it could change your life!


What time does it wrap up?

Officially we finish at 9:00 pm but who knows, the night is but a pup. We all look HOT in activewear - let’s see where the night takes us.