So, where did Yoga Sound System start?

To find out where Yoga Sound System started we interviewed ourselves and you'll never guess what happened next!!!


Yoga Sound System is a harmonic mix of music and movement to balance the body and mind. 

At Yoga Sound System we take the dancefloor to your mat. Each session consists of carefully curated sounds to sooth the soul.

Yoga Sound System is a collaboration between a personal trainer and DJ, Ronan Mahon - AKA - Tiny Islands and Rachael O'Hegarty, expert events producer and down dog evangelist. 

Ronan - I've been matching music to workouts since 2014. At the start of 2016, I had a serious back injury and started taking my yoga practice seriously. Yoga can be quite intimidating for newcomers. There is a lot of misconceptions around yoga and meditation and these misconceptions create barriers. Having experienced the benefits of yoga first hand during my recovery I decided that it was time to break these barriers. What better way to break barriers than with the universal language of music. With this concept in mind, I needed an executioner to help implement Yoga Sound System. Step up, Rachael. I wanted to work with Rachael because she brought a whole new level of experience to the concept. Something that I've found lacking at other yoga events. 

Rachael - I've been working in the event's industry for a few years now, the most rewarding part is seeing happy attendees interacting and I love coming up with new ways to encourage this. I have spent the past 6 months in particular (since Wellfest 2016 actually!) focusing on my own wellness - physically and mentally, as a result, I took up yoga and delved deeper into the power of the mind. It has been so enlightening and has had positive consequences in all aspects of my life. I feel there is still quite a big gap between hardcore yogis and party goers and my aim is to bridge this gap and gently open people up to an effectively, simpler way of life - it does take practice, however, with the right mindset things become easier to deal with! I also LOVE my music; house, dance, EDM etc. and understand how powerful it is and the effects it has on the brain. The science behind it is fascinating! And of course I'm a social creature, people are amazing and striking up conversations outside of your comfort zones can lead to wonders! With my passions and skills, I want to create events for people to come together, try something new in a fun environment and listen to those songs they hear on the dancefloor that they can relate to, eat amazing natural foods and actually get mingling with ‘like-minded people'. Something a bit different to a regular night in town but one will also get those endorphins going - if not even more so and for longer! 
The universe brought myself and Ronan together to bring you guys Yoga Sound System :)

"The mind is everything, what you think you become" - Buddha. Speak kindly to yourself. X

So there you have it. If Yoga Sound Systems sounds like your bag then mosey on down to South Studios on Friday the 24th of March.