Your Grooving Guide - Catherine Bergin


We bet you are all dying to know who’s going to be guiding you through your journey on the mat next Friday. A resident yoga teacher at Google, we will let Catherine introduce her beautiful self to you guys:

Catherine, when did you first get into yoga and why?

I was always intrigued by yoga, but only got properly into practicing about 2.5 years ago. I was planning on traveling and had saved up some money, but when things didn’t work out I decided to spend that on a yoga teacher training course here in Dublin over 10 months.

I didn’t intend to actually teach at the beginning, but as time went by I became more comfortable with the idea.


What does yoga mean to you?

Hmm.. for me yoga means different things at different times. Sometimes yoga is playful and fun and I try out new challenging poses I see on Instagram, other times yoga is an outlet, or a way to escape from difficult situations. Yoga always finds a place in my weekly life, its purpose simply changes as my needs change.


What is it about teaching yoga that you like?

I like the atmosphere created in a room of people who have taken the time out of their day to focus on themselves. There is always a great energy in groups practicing together, whether it be that we’re all struggling to hold our balance in one-legged down dog, or we’re all enjoying the body scan during savasana at the end of class.


Describe your practice in one word:

Graceful .. I hope


What’s your favourite song to groove to on your mat?

Sunset lover by Petit Biscuit


What can people expect at Yoga Sound System:

People can expect to move their hips and hamstrings! These are two of the most common areas of tightness and it’s really nice to give them some attention. It’s particularly useful for those who run or play sport such as rugby and football, or those looking to increase flexibility. We’ll do so in fluid and controlled postures, so everyone will be able to give every pose a try even if they are new to yoga.


What’s one bit of advice you would like to offer people when they step onto their mat - whether it’s for their first or 100th time:

Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle ;)