Llewellyn's Perry

We Visited Llewellyn's Orchard a couple of weeks back when we got wind of an IRISH VINEYARD! We did some sampling and David showed us around. We decided the Perry was the perfect natural alcoholic beverage to bring to Yoga Sound System. Read below from David to become a little more acquainted with the Perry and get your taste buds going for later: 


Llewellyns Perry is the latest addition to our range of farm-produced wines and ciders, which we make on our small fruit farm and vineyard in Lusk. Everything I do and produce at the farm is driven by a passion, since childhood, for growing food plants and using them to produce delicious and natural foods and beverages.


Perry is basically pear wine, and it is traditionally made in very specific localised regions of the world, mainly localised pockets of England,France, Austria, and Germany. We make ours from our own pears, grown on our farm and also foraged from semi-wild pear trees.


We make our perry in the same way wine is made from grapes. We harvest the fruit when it is at optimum ripeness, then we crush the whole fruit to a pulp, and press the juice from that pulp. The juice is sweet but also a little sour and bitter. The sweet fruit sugars ferment to alcohol, and the other flavours evolve during fermentation to give the finished perry the right balance of acidity and tannins. The fermentation of the juice takes several weeks, and then the perry needs to rest and mature for up to 1 year before it is ready for bottling. Every drop of perry started out as pure pear juice – we don’t take short cuts by adding water or sugar during the making.


We make our “Fizzante” perry using the ‘Champagne Method’. This involves bottling the fermented perry into strong Champagne type bottles and inducing a further fermentation inside the bottle. This produces the lively natural sparkle in the wine, and it takes up to 1 further year inside the bottle for the fermentation and settling of the yeast to complete. When the yeast has settled inside the bottle, it needs to be ‘riddled’, or vibrated, over several weeks to move all the yeast deposit to one end of the bottle. Then by a skilled and tedious process, the bottles are opened and ‘disgorged’, removing the yeast deposit, and then re-closed. We now have the finished product – a delicate “pearChampagne”, which is naturally clear and naturally sparkling. The finished perry is dry, fruity, delicate, and light, with only around 6% alcohol. It is ideal as a “local” substitute for Prosecco or Champagne, and can be enjoyed either on its own, or with food.


We sell our perry, and all of our local fruit and our farm-produced juices, vinegars and ciders, at 3 farmers markets each week, in Temple Bar, Glasnevin, and Dun Laoghaire www.llewellynsorchard.ie (currently offline for upgrading) 087-2843879.