Tiny Islands Likes - The Irish Film Festival - Sydney


You know it's not just our events that we like.  We like heaps of stuff, HEAPS!  Today we really like the Irish Film Festival which is kicking off at the Chauvel Cinema on the 26th of March and running through ‘til the 29th. 

So why do we like the Irish Film Festival you may ask? Well, apart from the fact that the author of this piece happens to be Irish, it's because for a tiny island (good use of the brand) there is such a diverse culture throughout the nation. Having grown up in Dublin I was always aware that there were varied pockets of culture a stone’s throw away from each other. You can almost walk from one side of the street to the other and feel as if you have crossed borders from Spain into France. But the diversity doesn't stop at the capital, it spreads far and wide, from Cork to Connemarra or Belfast to Ballymun. 

The Irish Film Festival will give attendees the opportunity to see life through the eyes of the Irish. For such a small nation it would seem we have had a big impact on the world. The proof of this was seen just a few days ago with monuments and rivers around the world turning green for St. Patrick's Day. So if you want know what life as an Irish person is really like, or if you simply want to hear one of the sexiest accents in the world (Time Out Dating Survey), then come and join us at the Irish Film Festival.

Irish Film Festival

Chauvel Cinema

249 Oxford Street, Sydney

26th-29th March